Barham Habibi

Who is Bahram Habibi

After many years in medical school, Bahram Habibi became Dr. Bahram Habibi and has not looked back since. He is a general practitioner who does everything from regular checkups to extensive surgeries.

During his time in the United States, Bahram Habibi lived a very good life. He spent his days healing people in need and he spent his night hanging out with his favorite people.

But while going through this day to day was fun and all, he wanted something more. He wanted to do something that could help people and that’s when the hurricane hit.


A Giant Storm

He was sitting in his living room after a long day of work when he realized that he was watching a news stories about one of the biggest hurricanes in history, it was Hurricane Maria.

He sat there in awe as he saw people being thrown about and left without homes and he was simply terrified. He felt hopeless and knew that he had to help in some way. That is when Bahram Habibi got off his couch and made a difference.

Barham Habibi

The Plan

If the good doctor was to save the people of Puerto Rico then he had to have a plan. So he came up with a three-prong approach.

Fix the Homes

One of the biggest issues that Hurricane Maria caused is that it basically destroyed just about every house in the area. The first prong included fixing the properties so the people could be covered from the elements.

Medical Attention

Property damage was one thing but the bigger issue was there were thousands of people who needed medical attention and they needed as many doctors as possible to tend to all of the injured and Dr. Bahram Habibi was one of them.


The third prong of saving those in PR was to identify those that were truly wounded and get them out of the area as fast as possible. The army helped to get everyone organized and we did what we could from there.

Next Steps…

If you want to know more about the safety efforts of the doctor and his team then reach out and we will tell you more!

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