How Bahram Habibi Took On Hurricane Maria

Dr. Habibi could not just stand by as the people of Puerto Rico suffer from the storm so he decided to do something. So he packed up his bags and took the next flight out. When he realized, he knew that he had a lot of work ahead of him. The results are the stuff of legend.

Bahram Habibi Hurricane Maria

The combination of the names Bahram Habibi Hurricane Maria goes together so well because without one there wouldn’t be the other. While he wasn’t the only responder, Dr. Habibi made a would of difference in storm-torn Puerto Rico.

Improving Life

After any storm, the ideal result is to get life back up to the way it used to be. Increasing the health of the residents is job number one and increasing their livelihoods is as important as anything. Lives are supposed to improve every day after the storm.

Providing Shelter

How else did Bahram Habibi Hurricane Maria become one? Because of one, there was shelter for others.

One of the most important things that Dr. Habibi did was to offer his home in Puerto Rico to the people so that they could have a roof over their heads. His house was much too big for just one person so he had no excuse to not let the people in.

Providing Food

While it is important to have a roof over your head, there is nothing more important than having the food and water that you need to survive and that is another way that Bahram Habibi Hurricane Maria became one.

Dr. Habibi went out and gathered as much food as a salary of a doctor could provide and offered that food to the people both inside and outside of his home until everyone had what they needed.