Since I have been saving the people of Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria I constantly have people coming up to me asking what I call Bahram Habibi questions.

These are inquiries that people ask me on the street, at my seminars and while I and my group are out helping the people of Puerto Rico. If you have ever had your own questions, then check out the database below. Your answer might be there.

Where you scared after Hurricane Maria?

Ah, one of the common Bahram Habibi questions! Yes, I did not know what to expect when I first saw the hurricane and all of the damage it was causing, I was truly petrified, but that couldn’t keep me from helping the people there.

When I landed in Puerto Rico, I was even more frightened because the place was in total ruins. Homes were destroyed, trees were all over the place and people were doing all kinds of crazy things. But we knew what we needed to do and got to work.

Have you ever seen any other hurricanes?

I am lucky enough to say that no Maria was my first major storm. I first saw it on television and I was just so terrified but in this one case, I knew that I had to do more.

This has to be one of the most commonly asked Bahram Habibi questions, but what is your favorite medical procedure?

I really do not have a favorite because, in reality, the procedure that I like the most is the one that saves the life of the patent that I am working on. In reality, the best procedure is no procedure if people can remain healthy. If I had to pick one that I enjoy doing then it would be yearly checkups because it is nice to tell people that they have a clean bill of health.